Things you can Engrave on a Watch


The tradition of watch engraving is known for more than a hundred years. In early times, a simple monogram or first alphabet of person’s name was common mark of recognition. People engrave them over watches to be gifted as a token of remembrance. Although the reason holds true even today, time and technology further advances the etching procedure, turning it more precise. The first step is to determine your options like font, maximum number of letters or a combination of alphanumeric and letter size. Make sure it fits well over the timepiece!

A personal statement


The best thing about watch engraving is that it’s done on face’s rear, which means message remains private and only wearer is able to read it. Size of the watch can be altered depending on whom you’re gifting such as men loves to wear bulky, metallic watches while light and elegant with gold or silver strap are for women. For friends and couples, common engraving statements are “eternally yours”, “from this day onward”, “a perfect fit”, “now and yours” and many others that expresses emotions.

Humorous statements are all-time favorites that you can see on watches and ceramics as well. For instance; “keep it real”, “you wore me down” or “I’m going to get you”. Before you begin etching, think about any special moments what you and beneficiary have shared together. Fine options can be a mutual, harmless joke, memorable occasion, a favorite song, rhyme so on.

Inspirational quotes


People simply adore engraving motivational quotes from famous personalities and even movies. This is tough as quotes can sometimes extend to two lines but there’s a way to express them in symbols. Using alternate language is the best and most creative way such as “Carpe diem” is for “seize the day” and “vene vidi vici” refers to “I came, I saw, I conquered” in Latin. If you don’t like to express something in a secondary lingo, symbols are excellent alternative. An enthusiastic physician who’s highly inspired from Einstein may engrave the equation “e = mc2”. For those who’re deeply religious may take something from their holy book, can be a verse.

Important dates

watchbackPerhaps the simplest, meaningful and everyone’s favorite inscription over a watch or any other gift object is date. It can be receiver’s birthday, date of graduation, wedding or any other as a reminder of something important. For something more radical, etch timings alongside date that can be moment of your proposal, when you got your first job, when you’re blessed with a child so on; choices are simply unlimited. If recipient is a business partner, go for the date when you first met or emerge victorious over a sophisticated consignment.


For a more romantic and emotional statement, sonnets are excellent options. Pick some lines from any of your favourite poets like Shakespeare and go for it. A few examples can be, “what light through yonder window breaks”, “how do I love thee” or “to me fair friend you never can be old” so on.

Don’t overlook quality of the timepiece

In your quest to score the best statement, don’t forget that watch quality matter a lot. Apparently when buying as a gift, you need to go for the best choice like authentic Longines watches.


Engraving makes a wristwatch more personalized and an excellent present. Go for the best available choices from any of the above!

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